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When it comes to hospitality design, planning out a quality landscape is a significant consideration that can make a big difference from first impressions of the property until the guests leave. A study conducted in Turkey found that 12% of guests chose to stay at a hotel based on the landscape design and 80% of those surveyed indicated that they paid attention to the landscape design at the resort they stayed at. The design and creation of vibrant landscapes at resorts and hotels can make a great contribution to physical environments by emphasizing the protection of natural character and cultural identity. Having a well-designed hospitality landscape can be effective in tourism and boost the number of guests that choose to stay at a specific resort or hotel.

Choosing a professional landscape architect to create memorable and intimate outdoor spaces is paramount to any successful hospitality project. Whether it’s a resort style pool or a restaurant’s exterior patio space, the use of physical structures with the right design and human scale is important in raising customer satisfaction and experience - and keeps them coming back. Chris Gustard, principal and owner of bluegreenLA landscape architecture, has more than 20 years’ experience in landscape design and project management to help ensure your next hospitality or hotel project flourishes.

Every project’s success commands collaboration across many disciplines. bluegreenLA stands ready to help assemble a team or to become part of an existing team with the goal of optimizing your hospitality or hotel investment and creating a place where customers leave happy and plan their return.

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