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Creating and maintaining successful commercial and mixed-use developments now more than ever requires well thought out design where people are given opportunities to gather and feel comfortable. Having an attractive outdoor space and well landscaped property and building entry reflects well on your business and your brand. Vibrant venues make lasting impressions on potential and existing customers as well as employees. Economic advantages of having a beautiful landscaped space cannot be overlooked in that it will have lasting positive enhancements to property value and curb appeal. All of this combined translates to increased long-term revenue and ROI.

Chris Gustard, principal and owner of bluegreenLA landscape architecture, has more than 20 years’ experience in landscape design and project management to ensure your investment in your commercial and mixed-use project is a resounding success. Our firm understands well one of the primary goals of every real estate investment is that it must connect commerce and community in a safe, innovative and environmentally responsible way. It must also make sense economically and politically. The success of every project commands collaboration across many disciplines. bluegreenLA stands ready to help assemble a team or to become part of an existing team with the goal of optimizing your investment and creating a better community. 

Our passion is for great design and delivering exemplary projects to our clients and the community - projects that are smart, resilient, comfortable and attractive to people who want to live outside as much as they can.

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