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Highlander Student Residences

Luxury off-campus student residences provide a unique living experience with a resort style pool, outdoor basketball court, badminton and quiet study courtyards.

Highlander Student Residences, University of Riverside

The development of off-campus student housing has exploded over the last 15 years and shows little sign of waning. Within the City of Riverside, on one of the last remaining tracts of old orange groves, the builder embarked on a substantial zoning change that would allow for the development of luxury student housing close to the University of Riverside campus.

Having established relationships from several previous successful projects, the client again assembled the design team to include Humphreys & Partners Architects and landscape architect Chris Gustard. The project consisted of three five-story buildings totalling more than 600 beds and a two-story study center and gym with a resort style pool.

Chris was responsible for the design of all of the themed courtyards, raised planters, an outdoor basketball court and student courtyard spaces, the pool area and vehicular circulation and parking designs. Given the requirements for minimizing runoff during storm events, Chris was tasked with integrating the design of a water quality infiltration channel into the building foundation and streetscape. A combination of native and drought resistant trees, plants and grasses were utilized with zero use of turf.

Contracted Services:   Site planning and landscape concept plans, existing site analysis plans, perimeter and internal fencing designs, entry monuments, vehicular and pedestrian circulation, courtyard trellis designs, site renderings, and presentations to the Riverside City Council and Planning Commission.

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