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One Mission Avenue

A complex nine-block redevelopment project involving streetscape designs, a highly visible public plaza and a lushly landscaped pedestrian-only walkway underneath a heavily traveled railway line.

One Mission Avenue Redevelopment

The community of Oceanside, California set out to revitalize more than ten blocks of its downtown area adjacent to the popular Oceanside Pier and famous “Top Gun” house. CityMark Development in conjunction with GF Properties Group selected the design team for the project entitlements which included landscape architects Chris Gustard and John Patterson of Gillespie Moody Patterson and architect JZMK Partners. 

Within the redevelopment zone, One Mission Avenue was conceived to include a variety of uses from ground level retail and restaurant spaces with residential and office uses above. The landscape architects were responsible for developing streetscape designs to activate Cleveland Street, Mission Avenue, and Meyers Street and a large public plaza space.

Adjacent to the Block 5 public plaza is a highly landscaped pedestrian-only walkway with decorative paving on Pier View Way under the North County Transit District (NCTD) railroad overpass. With the railroad being a major component that bisects the project, one of the more significant design challenges for the team to address was incorporating it into the fabric of the planning and design rather than turning its back to the railroad. Chris was directly responsible for all of the enhanced streetscape designs and landscape guidelines, the Block 5 public plaza and the Mission Avenue “quiet zone” pedestrian railroad crossing. He was also involved with numerous community planning group meetings as well as presentations to the City Council to ultimately gain project entitlements. 

Today, with final construction having been completed on all but two of the blocks, this downtown redevelopment project can easily be identified as a total success.

BluegreenLA landscape architecture brings to the Tidewater and Hampton Roads metro areas the necessary design and collaborative experience to create successful urban in-fill and redevelopment projects.

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